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JAMES.,   Volume(2) - Issue(4), 2016
pp 11-18,   https://dx.doi.org/10.18831/james.in/2016041002

Optimization of Machining Parameters using Scatter Search Algorithm

R Sri Siva;B Balachithra


A simple and effective mechanism is quite required for the industry to optimise the factors such as depth of cut, feed and cutting speed, since these parameters influence the quality of machining. Scatter search method is employed in this project to predict the surface roughness which is capable to produce near-optimal solution for hard optimization problems in minimal execution time. Titanium alloy of Ti-6Al-4V is used for conducting the experiment. L27 orthogonal array of Taguchi’s method is used to find the surface roughness under low, medium and high values of the aforementioned factors. The predicted and experimental optimized surface roughness values are compared which indicated a negligible deviation of 0.03. The scatter search algorithm is proved to be an efficient tool in optimizing the machining parameters.


Machining operations, Cutting parameters, Scatter search method, Optimal solution, Hard optimization problems.

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