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JAMES.,   Volume(3) - Issue(3), 2017
pp 1-8,   https://dx.doi.org/10.18831/james.in/2017031001

Multi-Tool Design and Development of Operating Machine

B Sanjanna;J Sreedhar, K Nageswara Rao, K.P Reddy


The world being led by innovations has headed to the accomplishment of the activities that we encounter in our day to day life to be snappier and quicker. Yet, this progression additionally requests high level investments as well as expenditures. Each and every industry is striving to make productivity at a higher rate, at the same time maintaining product’s quality and product’s standard to be of a normally low cost. In this work proposed, a conceptual prototype of a machine that would be fit to perform distinctive operation simultaneously was developed. The proposed system includes the feature of being more economical too. Scotch yoke is a technique that is intended for the purpose of sawing and shaping activities and this proposed work relies on the main shaft upon which the scotch yoke is attached directly. A bevel gear system to transmit power at one area is available on the main shaft. The drive to drilling is offered by means of the bevel gear. Throughout, the bevel gear drive, is utilized for drilling. With the help of a motor, a force is given to the two sided bearing block which has grinding at one end and circular cutter at the other end. This model helps us to acquire the functionalities performed at various working centres concurrently as the force is obtained from a single power source. It is simple in construction and easy to operate. The main goals of this proposed model are conserving electricity, minimizing cost that is related to power utilization, enhanced production and reduction in floor space.


Scotch yoke, Bevel gear system, Drill bit, Bearing block, Grinding wheel.

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